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Unchecking “Disable touchpad while typing” doesn’t work in Ubuntu Karmic after upgrade

After upgrading my system from Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 to Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 unchecking the “Disable touchpad while typing” option in System > Preferences > Mouse > Touchpad doesn’t work as expected. I don’t want the touchpad to be disabled when typing since that also makes it hard to CTRL-click which I do a lot in Eclipse.

After some digging I found that someone had reported a related bug in Launchpad. Apparently syndaemon, which controls how the touchpad behaves while using the keyboard, can be told not to disable the touchpad when modifier keys like CTRL are pressed using -k switch when started. The syndaemon process is started by the gnome-settings-daemon process. gnome-settings-daemon is a C program which I don’t want to have to modifiy to add the -k switch. Instead I added the following script in /usr/local/bin:


/usr/bin/syndaemon -k $@

By naming this script syndaemon it will be used by gnome-settings-daemon instead of /usr/bin/syndaemon. The script starts the real syndaemon process and adds the -k parameter to any of the parameters specified by gnome-settings-daemon.

Creating a bootable CD from a floppy image in K3b

What do you do if you need to boot your laptop from a floppy image when all you have is a CD/DVD reader? Turns out this is really simple using K3b. All you have to do is to select New Data CD Project and then go to Project -> Edit Boot Images in the menu. Click New… and select the floppy image. Burn the CD and you will have a bootable CD.

Getting the mic working on a Dell Dimension 5000 running Ubuntu 8.04

I’ve been trying hard to get the microphone working on my wife Jenny’s old Dell Dimension 5000 running Ubuntu 8.04. Google wasn’t much help I’m afraid. I finally figured out, after lots of trial and error, that I had to set the option Surround Jack Mode in the Gnome Mixer to the value Independent to get the mic working. Skype seems to be working fine now. Next challenge will be to find a web cam that works…

For your reference, here’s the full output I get when running amixer: Continue reading