Creating a bootable CD from a floppy image in K3b

What do you do if you need to boot your laptop from a floppy image when all you have is a CD/DVD reader? Turns out this is really simple using K3b. All you have to do is to select New Data CD Project and then go to Project -> Edit Boot Images in the menu. Click New… and select the floppy image. Burn the CD and you will have a bootable CD.

2 thoughts on “Creating a bootable CD from a floppy image in K3b”

  1. Doesn’t that mean that it’s possible to simply write the floppy image to the CD using any CD writing tool?

  2. Almost. :) K3b will add a boot/ folder to your CD project and put your image in that folder. It will also create the magic boot/boot.catalog file. Maybe it will also do something special with the ISO9660 file system to make all this work?

    mkisofs can be used to do the same from the command line as described here:

    The standard which makes this possible is called El Torito and must be supported by the BIOS:

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