Ubuntu — now also in liquid form

Just had my first one and it tastes great! Didn’t know that there was such a thing until I happened to see a bunch of them at Coop Konsum Avenyn in Gothenburg. I bought the last three they had! :)

BTW, It’s got nothing to do with my favorite linux distribution expect for the name and the fact that, just like the guys doing Ubuntu Linux, the people behind Ubuntu Cola is trying to make the world a better place.

Getting the mic working on a Dell Dimension 5000 running Ubuntu 8.04

I’ve been trying hard to get the microphone working on my wife Jenny’s old Dell Dimension 5000 running Ubuntu 8.04. Google wasn’t much help I’m afraid. I finally figured out, after lots of trial and error, that I had to set the option Surround Jack Mode in the Gnome Mixer to the value Independent to get the mic working. Skype seems to be working fine now. Next challenge will be to find a web cam that works…

For your reference, here’s the full output I get when running amixer: Continue reading