Xbox Media Center Linux port in the works

Seems like the Xbox Media Center team are working on a Linux port! Apparently they have only been working on it for a couple of months now but it’s already beyond just being a tool for skinners and plugin developers. Remote control support using LIRC is in there and it already plays most audio and video files. Even DVD ISO’s over Samba!

Ever since I bought my HTPC about six months ago I hoped this would happen. After using the HTPC in the living room for a couple of months I realized that the Xbox wouldn’t give up without a fight! When compared to the alternatives XBMC is by far the best media center software out there. I’ve tried the alternatives: MythTV, Media Portal, Freevo. None of them provide the same level of user experience as XBMC.

Obviously, XBMC doesn’t do TV like the alternatives when running on the Xbox, but hopefully it will in Linux once this port matures. That would be awesome!

The Linux Port Project pages on the XBMC wiki has build instructions and more info for developers.

There’s a sub-forum dedicated to discussing the Linux port.