You can't hide from Google

A couple of months ago I stumbled across this Java magazine which I hadn't heard of before. Java Developers Journal, published by SYS-CON Media. I got interested and ordered a PDF back issue using PayPal.

It took some hours for my PayPal payment to come through but once it did I expected some kind of notice of where I could download the PDF. But nothing. Nothing on my e-mail, nothing on my personal pages on the publisher's site. I even sent some messages to their support. No response. I tried to search their site for some answers but found nothing.

Finally I turned to Google in pure desperation and entered the search pdf

to see if Google could find any info on their site on how to obtain ordered PDF issues.

I got some surprising results! Try it for yourself. Or even better, try

After about a week I got a response from their support. Turns out I had to log in on their site and then go to their archive section. There I would find a link to the PDF I'd ordered. Which I had of course already read by that time.

I don't think I will order any PDFs from them for quite some time! Eye-wink