How do professional Windows programmers stand Visual Studio?

I have a new assignment at work and now find myself at yet another Windows shop. They are making embedded systems, but have for some strange reason decided that Windows is the only development platform to use. After only a few weeks here I’m noting a growing irritation with the tools offered for my use. …

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Compiling boost for Windows, with MinGW on Linux

Just in case you see the utter logic in developing for Windows on Linux In the root of the unpacked Boost: Run ./ –with-python=$(which python2) –prefix=${HOME}/opt/boost-win –without-icu Modify project-config.jam like this: # file. if ! gcc in [ feature.values ] { – using gcc ; + using gcc : : i486-mingw32-g++ ; } project : …

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Saddle, two SDDL related tools

I’ve just uploaded two small tools that makes it a little easier to deal with SDDL (Security Descriptor Description Language, this is a good resource for SDDL): saddle-ex – “extract” the security descriptor for a number of different kinds of objects saddle-pp – a pretty printer for an SDDL string Full build instructions are included. …

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On Windows programming

I always find myself going through the same motions when trying to programming on Windows: excitement, bewilderedness, frustration, relief. It’s exciting to find new libraries and frameworks that seem to deliver exactly the functionality I require. I feel bewildered because I don’t think I’ve ever come across a Windows C/C++ API that immediately makes sense …

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