Ubuntu – now found in the UK too

It’s strange but Ubuntu cola seems to be more mainstream in Sweden than in the UK. My brother found it in downtown Gothenburg, in a branch of a major chain of grocery stores. On the other hand, I haven’t seen it anywhere in the UK until yesterday. I found it in a fairtrade store in …

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Epilicious in Ubuntu Edgy Eft

It seems my Debian packages for Epilicious have worked in Ubuntu (Dapper Drake I suppose). This is purely accidental. It’s however a very nice accident This lucky coincidence doesn’t hold for Edgy Eft. If you are lucky then you can get my Epilicious packages to work on Edgy Eft by copying (or linking) the files …

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What’s bad about Ubuntu

The only really bad thing with Ubuntu is that they release every 6 months. This means that every 6 months the web is flodded with articles about installing Ubuntu; articles about what’s good, articles about what’s bad, articles about how to fix what’s bad and thereby showing that Ubuntu still is good, articles about upgrading, …

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Some stuff (30/08/2006)

I enjoyed reading this article on how an XSS attack works. I’ve always just done the alert(“Game over!”) XSS which isn’t really an attack at all, just a proof that there’s a possibility for an attack. That trusted computing is bad for consumers is something I’ve known for a while, but apparently TC is bad …

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Ubuntu Dapper in qemu (or rather no Ubuntu Dapper in qemu)

I received an email saying that epilicious didn’t work very well in epiphany 1.9.x. Since Debian isn’t packaging pre-releases of GNOME 2.14 I decided to try to get Ubuntu Dapper installed in a qemu image. I tried using the age-tested method of installing a stable version first (Breezy), and then upgrading to the unstable, not-yet-released …

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