My thoughts on debianisation of haskell packages

I have written a few posts on debianising haskell packages in the past. Back then I stopped looking at it because of the age of the ghc-related packages in Debian Sid. Things have since improved and I’ve finally found some time to revisit the problem. This isn’t however a technical post, but rather a post …

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Computer security and liability—my thoughts

Almost three years ago Bruce Schneier posted a blog entry on Computer Security and Liability. Since then he has repeated his opinion several times; one of the more high-profile occasions was in front of the House of Lords. Some people agree, others disagree. Until just a few days ago I disagreed with him on this …

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Are all languages leaky?

Dolio wrote an excellent comment on space leaks for the previous post. I’ve read posts on haskell-cafe before that mentions the concept but I’ve never bothered to ask. Thanks for clarifying the term! Dolio’s comment made me think of something I heard during a lecture on OO at university, with the risk of paraphrasing slightly: …

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I wonder…

After reading some posts in my haskell category of blogs I read I found myself wondering the following: Is cdsmith wondering what the difference is between “requirement phase” and the “implementation phase”? When Bryan talks about space leaks, what does he mean? Is the garbage collector in GHC broken? Antii-Juhani’s description of trampolines and the …

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Invite-to-discussion would be a good feature in an enterprise email client

How many emails have you received at work that contain the body: Adding Bob to the discussion. Well, if your place of work is anything like mine it happens regularly, and if you’re anything like me you cringe every time. All of a sudden I have to remember that any replies should be checked to …

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Why is constant improvement such an alien concept in large organisations?

Warning! This is a bit of a rant. If you don’t like reading that sort of thing you should probably stop now. This started the other day when I tried paying my first credit card bill. I ended up ringing LloydTSB’s phone bank just to sort it out. After being held by the hand through …

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