Adventures with a certain Xen vulnerability (in the PVFB backend)

Here’s another post about a paper I’ve read recently. This time it’s not entirely for fun, but I still thought I’d write about this one, Adventures with a certain Xen vulnerability (in the PVFB backend). I’ve read a few security-related papers and articles. In general I’ve found that there’s a huge gap in quality (and …

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Evaluating High-Level Distributed Language Constructs

I thought I’d start posting little notes about papers I read, especially if I find them interesting and worth reading. So here we go! I read this paper on the bus this morning. I suspect I got it off Lambda the Ultimate a while back, printed it and then kept it in my bag for …

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Interesting stuff

Am I the only one who finds this absolutely terrifying? If you haven’t seen DCLugi’s Snakes On A Plane auditions on YouTube you need to! Bruce Schneier reported on this a while ago, I need to keep the link around. What to do when your neighbour is using your internet. Our “honourable” EU politicians are …

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Stuff worth reading (04/08/2006)

Elmo is right, Britain really is the 51st state. I’ve noticed the very strange and one-sided relationship with the US before but this article on Britain’s nuclear weapons put that in a whole new light. Britain has just been blessed with a system of threat levels. Bruce Schneier isn’t impressed and I can’t help but …

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Stuff worth reading (08/07/2006)

There seems to be some intelligence in North America. In Canada to be more specific. This is only the last article of quite a few on Canadian artists worrying about copyright. This is a little old, but still hilarious. Go CEA! Here’s an article on Britain’s anti-terrorism policy. It pretty much confirms the worries I’ve …

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Stuff worth reading (21/06/2006)

Some interesting articles on Net Neutrality by David Ernst and Andy Kessler. I’m slowly starting to lean towards letting the market sort this out without government intervention. The idea of labelling is especially appealing. That something’s wrong in Microsoft is rather obvious given the amazing delay in releasing Vista/Longhorn (whatever it’s called this week). After …

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