Recent thoughts on patents

Eric Flynn’s first column on copyright got me thinking. It’s a really good piece on copyright, but especially one thing jumped out and stuck in my mind: Copyright is a privilege, not a right. I believe basically a similar line of reasoning can be applied to patents. Monopolies are evil. Patents are government-sanctioned monopolies. Hence, …

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UN recommends use of open source

The United Nations has recommended its members use open source software, particularly in areas related to health, education and international commerce, UN inspector Dominique Ouredrago said during a speech at the II international open source conference in Spain. Now this is good, right? Well, I’m not sure it’s good enough. I’m not convinced the …

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No software patents in the EU this time around

I am sure everyone has heard by now that the European politicians digged deep and managed to find some intelligence and common sense–the directive on “harmonisation of the patent rules”, which would allow software patents, was voted down. Legally we seem to be back where we began. FFII has managed to reach farther than what …

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