Compiling U-Boot for use in QEMU (VersatilePB)

Since I’m now working a bit with embedded systems I thought I’d take a look at compiling for one of the ARM-based machines that QEMU supports. I settled for VersatilePB after finding this old-ish article. Rather optimistically I thought that maybe, just maybe things had change in a year and that the limitation of flash …

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Ubuntu Dapper in qemu (or rather no Ubuntu Dapper in qemu)

I received an email saying that epilicious didn’t work very well in epiphany 1.9.x. Since Debian isn’t packaging pre-releases of GNOME 2.14 I decided to try to get Ubuntu Dapper installed in a qemu image. I tried using the age-tested method of installing a stable version first (Breezy), and then upgrading to the unstable, not-yet-released …

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