Compiling boost for Windows, with MinGW on Linux

Just in case you see the utter logic in developing for Windows on Linux In the root of the unpacked Boost: Run ./ –with-python=$(which python2) –prefix=${HOME}/opt/boost-win –without-icu Modify project-config.jam like this: # file. if ! gcc in [ feature.values ] { – using gcc ; + using gcc : : i486-mingw32-g++ ; } project : …

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VirtualBox with Linux 2.6.29

After a recent upgrade which brought in kernel 2.6.29 VirtualBox stopped working for me; the kernel module failed to find the symbol g_SUPGlobalInfoPage. How irritating! Here’s a solution I found: Modify /usr/share/virtualbox/src/vboxdrv/Makefile, uncomment the line # VBOX_USE_INSERT_PAGE = 1 Recompile the kernel modules: # /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup Now I only have to find a solution for …

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Banging my head against sparse files

Lately I’ve had use for sparse files to solve a problem. Simple, yes. Use lseek and write (or read). Even better, at least in this case, use pwrite and pread. Should be simple, right? Yes, should be. I was banging my head against code equivalent to the following for quite a few hours: #define _XOPEN_SOURCE …

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VMWare server to the rescue

I complained earlier about VMWare Player not allowing me to replace my Windows boxen at work. It seems VMWare took my complaints seriously (yeah right), by releasing VMWare Server they’ve made my dream possible. I have to admit that their releasing VMWare Server is surprising, and since it allows creation of new images it makes …

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