Finally some success with building GNOME

After taking some advice I got on #epiphany I’ve finally managed to get both epiphany and epiphany-extensions out of CVS to compile. In this case jhbuild buildone was my friend. I installed gnome-devel and python-gnome2-desktop-dev and set to work. I used jhbuild to build glib and gtk+ (setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH in between). Then I tackled epiphany …

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Compiling GNOME 2.15.90 (failed attempt)

I started trying to compile GNOME 2.15.4, but as you can read from the comments things didn’t quite work out. After a few emails on the gnome-love mailing list I switched to release 2.15.90. freetype2 I quickly ran into problems with freetype2. It seems Sid’s version is too new. I added a new moduleset to …

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