The GNOME fun never ends ;-)

After an attempt at hacking “window packing” into Jendela I ran into a bit of a showstopper: Metacity doesn’t support _NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW. Now this is a bit of a problem, because “window packing” is all about moving windows around on the screen. Confusingly Metacity does register the relevant XAtom, meaning that wmctrl doesn’t work (it’ll first …

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Jendela BZR repo is up

My local development repo is being uploaded to as I write this. There isn’t much functionality yet–you can shade windows–but hopefully I’ll have time to change that over the next few days.

Jendela – change of implementation language

Unfortunately it seems the Python bindings for wnck aren’t quite up to scratch. I’m getting numerous run-time warnings and sometimes even segmentation faults when doing some stuff (e.g. when shading all windows on the current desktop). I’ve “verified” it’s a problem in the Python binings by hacking together a quick and dirty program in C …

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