Epiphany rocks!

Read a post on epiphany-user yesterday on how a hidden location bar appears when Ctrl-L is pressed. Then it goes away again. Very nice. It also seems that the version in Debian keeps information about “Generic Postscript” printing–I don’t need to enter a2ps in the text box anymore, it’s remembered. I just love how the …

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Epilicious ready to be localised

The current version in BZR, that’d be version 0.8pre1, has internationalisation support. Currently there’s only one language, Swedish, but I’m looking forward to receiving onther languages to add to the list. (I’m more than happy to receive any pointers regarding the language in epilicious, be it English, Swedish, or any other language.) The actual implementation …

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Personal modifications of GTK2 themes

Ever since I tried out a NeXT-based theme I’ve loved having both an up- and down-stepper at the bottom of every scrollbar. I’ve liked this so much that I’ve regularly discarded GTK2 themes that look awesome simply because they didn’t have this little usability feature. The other day I took a quick look at the …

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