Xmonad and Gnome 3

The upgrade to Gnome3 in ArchLinux a few days ago broke my previous setup that combined xmonad with Gnome. Gnome 3 has a fallback mode, but I found that the instructions for replacing metacity under Gnome 2 no longer worked. With some help from the xmonad mailing list (in particular Jens Petersen and his efforts …

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Gnome: 2 questions that go unanswered

Since no one on the Gnome mailing list seems to be able to answer these questions I thought I’d try some other venues for getting them answered. The audience for my blog isn’t that big, but just maybe there’s someone out there who knows the answers to these questions related to Gnome configuration. Mail one …

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Setting up Epiphany to play with Seed extensions

Since the Python extensions to Epiphany have been removed from the repository I thought it was high time to start playing with what seems to be the replacement to Python extensions: Seed extensions. The first step is of course to get a version of Epiphany that supports Seed extensions. After a few emails on the …

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Arch, Gnome, and shutdown/reboot

I’ll soon continue documenting my experience with installing and configuring my desktop, but first a note on fixing an irritating issue in Gnome 2.26. Soon after installing Gnome I noticed that I couldn’t reboot or shutdown from inside my Gnome session, I had to log out and use GDM’s action menu instead. Rather irritating, but …

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Another way to start Xmonad in Gnome

I stumbled on this email thread on starting Xmonad in Fedora 10. In anticipation of Gnome 2.24 being installable from Debian Experimental I dropped the following into /usr/share/applications/xmonad.desktop: [Desktop Entry] Type=Application Encoding=UTF-8 Name=Xmonad Exec=xmonad NoDisplay=true X-GNOME-WMName=Xmonad X-GNOME-Autostart-Phase=WindowManager X-GNOME-Provides=windowmanager X-GNOME-Autostart-Notify=true and modified the GConf key /desktop/gnome/applications/window_manager/current to hold the value /usr/bin/xmonad. Last but not least I …

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Epilicious losing support for del.icio.us

I was getting too many reports of problems on using epilicious together with del.icio.us. What finally did it was Gnome bug #491977. The patch provided was applied in the 2.20 tree. In the current development tree I simply removed support for del.icio.us alltogether. It’s just not worth the hassle! It’s just somewhat unfortunate that the …

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