Links and stuff (24/11/2006)

I realised I hadn’t put in one of these posts in a while. The level in my “To Blog” bookmark tag was dangerously high… here we go! I really enjoy this, rather old article on superstitions in relation to computers. I never bothered counting my superstitions on Windows, but given that I’ve given up on …

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Interesting stuff

Am I the only one who finds this absolutely terrifying? If you haven’t seen DCLugi’s Snakes On A Plane auditions on YouTube you need to! Bruce Schneier reported on this a while ago, I need to keep the link around. What to do when your neighbour is using your internet. Our “honourable” EU politicians are …

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Stuff worth reading (04/08/2006)

Elmo is right, Britain really is the 51st state. I’ve noticed the very strange and one-sided relationship with the US before but this article on Britain’s nuclear weapons put that in a whole new light. Britain has just been blessed with a system of threat levels. Bruce Schneier isn’t impressed and I can’t help but …

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Stuff worth reading (08/07/2006)

There seems to be some intelligence in North America. In Canada to be more specific. This is only the last article of quite a few on Canadian artists worrying about copyright. This is a little old, but still hilarious. Go CEA! Here’s an article on Britain’s anti-terrorism policy. It pretty much confirms the worries I’ve …

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Mike Myers quote

Technically speaking this probably doesn’t qualify as a quote. I heard this on one of the extras on the Cat in The Hat DVD: What is the difference between capitalism and communism? In capitalism men exploits men. In communism it’s quite the opposite.


As useful as a chocolate teapot…

A colleague was complaining about the usefulness of a piece of software and compared it to the usefulness of a chocolate teapot. Being sad IT people we immediatedly started discussing whether a chocolate teapot is as useless as the saying goes. Google saved us from debating into the night with this article. I guess we …

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