On Windows programming

I always find myself going through the same motions when trying to programming on Windows: excitement, bewilderedness, frustration, relief. It’s exciting to find new libraries and frameworks that seem to deliver exactly the functionality I require. I feel bewildered because I don’t think I’ve ever come across a Windows C/C++ API that immediately makes sense …

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More on the weirdness that is del.icio.us API

As I’ve said before del.icio.us is not easy to program against. Here’s a brief recount of my latest explorations into how to program against del.icio.us. I received a report about some problems with epilicious, to which I responded with a pointer to my post about my past experiences. In response I got a suggestion to …

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What’s bad about Ubuntu

The only really bad thing with Ubuntu is that they release every 6 months. This means that every 6 months the web is flodded with articles about installing Ubuntu; articles about what’s good, articles about what’s bad, articles about how to fix what’s bad and thereby showing that Ubuntu still is good, articles about upgrading, …

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Keeping windows up-to-date

Eric is grumbling about installing software on Windows. Well, he didn’t hit the real point of pain with Windows yet: upgrading applications. As I’ve mentioned before Window’s package management is broken. Yes, it’s that simple, and the worst thing is that there seems to be no solution in sight. At least not unless every Windows …

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