Playing with sockets in Haskell

This is another one of those posts that I make mostly for myself, you know for organising and help my memory There are as far as I can see three ways to deal with sockets in Haskell. There’s the type Socket which is used throughout Network.Socket. From that it’s possible to get to the underlying …

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Fork/exec in Haskell

Here’s some simple code I put together. I’m mostly posting it so I won’t have any problems finding it in the future. module Main where   import Control.Monad import System.Exit import System.Posix.IO import System.Posix.Process   executeChild = do mapM_ closeFd [stdInput, stdOutput, stdError] devnull <- openFd "/dev/null" ReadWrite Nothing defaultFileFlags dup devnull; dup devnull executeFile …

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