Reply to Randal on dynamic type systems

At first this I wrote this as a comment on my original post, but it grew a bit too long so I decided to post it like this instead. @Randal, “Static typing is still effectively a syntax check, not a semantic check though.” Now, I think we might have a different understanding of the word …

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Randal Schwartz on why dynamic beat static—a rather rubbish talk

Well, not the most diplomatic title maybe, but listening to Randal Schwartz’ talk “Dynamic Returns” first made me laugh and then made my fingers itch to write him an email addressing the fallacies he is peddling. Anyway, I wrote this large, rather ranting, blog post but then decided to not publish iti. Randal, my suggestion …

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OGG podcasts, no OGG feeds

I just received my new Samsung portable music player. The main reason for choosing Samsung was that it plays OGG. After going through the podcasts I listen to I have two that I want to shame. I won’t name the podcasts that don’t do OGG—I can’t really blame them because the demand for it is …

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