Epilicious moved to darcs

I’ve switched from bzr to darcs for all my version management needs. I’ve decided to also move my already existing projects to darcs. First out is epilicious. From now on the following should be used to get the release and development branches respectively: % darcs get http://therning.org/magnus_darcs/epilicious % darcs get http://therning.org/magnus_darcs/epilicious.dev I decided not to …

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Epilicious 0.10

I just released version 0.10 of epilicious. Go fetch it from GnomeFiles. I decided to toss out all the translations from earlier versions (this is purely a reaction to my own inability to deal properly with contributed translations). So, please, download the POT and localise epilicious!


Epilicious in Ubuntu Edgy Eft

It seems my Debian packages for Epilicious have worked in Ubuntu (Dapper Drake I suppose). This is purely accidental. It’s however a very nice accident This lucky coincidence doesn’t hold for Edgy Eft. If you are lucky then you can get my Epilicious packages to work on Edgy Eft by copying (or linking) the files …

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Finally some success with building GNOME

After taking some advice I got on #epiphany I’ve finally managed to get both epiphany and epiphany-extensions out of CVS to compile. In this case jhbuild buildone was my friend. I installed gnome-devel and python-gnome2-desktop-dev and set to work. I used jhbuild to build glib and gtk+ (setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH in between). Then I tackled epiphany …

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