Epilicious is dead, say hello to BMS

With Python being dropped as a language for extensions in epiphany 2.28 I needed to replace epilicious. I tried writing it in JavaScript (seed was integrated in 2.28), but I gave up due to hitting too many hurdles on the way. Instead I decided to rewrite epilicious using Vala and a minimal layer of C. …

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Epilicious losing support for del.icio.us

I was getting too many reports of problems on using epilicious together with del.icio.us. What finally did it was Gnome bug #491977. The patch provided was applied in the 2.20 tree. In the current development tree I simply removed support for del.icio.us alltogether. It’s just not worth the hassle! It’s just somewhat unfortunate that the …

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More ma.gnolia in epilicious

My epilicious.dev repo now has changes adding support for ma.gnolia. The configuration dialogue is modified to allow changing between the two supported backends. Furthermore my APT repo holds an updated version of epiphany-extension-epilicious-pre that can be installed alongside the GNOME version of epilicious that comes in epiphany-extensions. That is, it can be used with Epiphany …

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More on the weirdness that is del.icio.us API

As I’ve said before del.icio.us is not easy to program against. Here’s a brief recount of my latest explorations into how to program against del.icio.us. I received a report about some problems with epilicious, to which I responded with a pointer to my post about my past experiences. In response I got a suggestion to …

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Epilicious and ma.gnolia.com

As I’ve told before del.icio.us can be a very fickle partner to interact with. Lately I’ve again started seeing obstinate behaviour from del.icio.us and yesterday I finally got around to adding support for ma.gnolia.com to epilicious. They support an API that is “del.icio.us compatible” (I believe there are some things missing, but everything epilicious needs …

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Epilicious 0.10.2

The only change is the addition of a translation to Esperanto (thanks Antono Vasiljev). In related news, it seems like Fedore might be getting some Epilicious goodness coming its way. The packager also pointed out that the utility library (libepilicious) probably shouldn’t be installed in Epiphany’s extension library. Its location is now configurable at install …

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