Django is cute

I’ve been playing around a bit more with django, and writing simple web services in it. I have to say it’s cute! Building on my simple authentication middleware I added a second decorator that extract argument out of the URL and passes them to the function as regular arguments: def extract_arguments(required, optional): def _wrapper(func): def …

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Rolling your own authentication in Django

For various reasons I wanted to see just what was required to roll my own basic authentication using Django. I am aware there’s a built-in authentication module, django.contrib.auth, but it’s overkill for my ultimate goal and it depends on the session module in ways that only further study can reveal. I heard rumours that the …

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Django on Debian

Brett Parker’s been packaging django for Debian and making it available to the world. The latest update was just 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately the packages seem to have been made before the very recent move to Python 2.4 in Debian Sid, so they aren’t installable without downgrading