Keysafe in Debian

Since a few days Keysafe is in Debian! It’s both my first Debian package and the first time I’m “upstream”. Now I can point to something that I’ve given back, so this is a big thing for me. Next Debian target to reach—becoming a Debian Developer


More ma.gnolia in epilicious

My repo now has changes adding support for ma.gnolia. The configuration dialogue is modified to allow changing between the two supported backends. Furthermore my APT repo holds an updated version of epiphany-extension-epilicious-pre that can be installed alongside the GNOME version of epilicious that comes in epiphany-extensions. That is, it can be used with Epiphany …

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darcsweb+lighttpd on Debian

I couldn’t find any information on how to set up darcsweb on lighttpd in general. I was a little disappointed to see that the darcsweb package on Debian only comes with apache and apache2 configurations, nothing for lighttpd. Since Debian is a little special sometimes when it comes to web servers—they like to add convenient …

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Firefox vulnerability, not on Debian?

I received a note about the new Firefox vulnerability yesterday. I ran the proof-of-concept on my Debian machine, using first Epiphany and then Iceweasel. Didn’t work on either. Then I fired up a VMWare image running Windows, with a stock Firefox from mozilla. The proof-of-concept worked just as advertised. So, are the reports missing something …

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Django on Debian

Brett Parker’s been packaging django for Debian and making it available to the world. The latest update was just 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately the packages seem to have been made before the very recent move to Python 2.4 in Debian Sid, so they aren’t installable without downgrading


Epilicious currently not working on Debian Sid

I just noticed that epilicious doesn’t work for me It seems the recent work done by the Python group in Debian Sid has resulted in the following line throwing an exception: from elementtree.ElementTree import parse Yes, I’ve double checked that python-elementtree is installed (python-celementtree is also installed). At the moment I’m too lazy to look …

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