My thoughts on debianisation of haskell packages

I have written a few posts on debianising haskell packages in the past. Back then I stopped looking at it because of the age of the ghc-related packages in Debian Sid. Things have since improved and I’ve finally found some time to revisit the problem. This isn’t however a technical post, but rather a post …

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Experience with cabal-debian

So, after receiving several pointers to seereason’s cabal-debian tool I thought I’d take it for a spin.i After about 30 minutes of browsing through HackageDB and seereason’s source repos, building and installing, I had finally satisfied all dependencies and the build of cabal-debian succeeded. (Oh, BTW, seereason people, it’s really confusing that you have a …

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Building Debian packages of (cabalised) Haskell packages

I’ve just spent the last hour or so ironing out the details required to automate the building of cabalised Haskell packages for Debian. At the same time I also built Debian packages for 5 Haskell packages (test-framework and its dependencies). These are the basic steps I’ve followed: Extract the tar-ball in the working directory. Rename …

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Debian, lighttpd and MediaWiki

I just went through the exercise of setting up MediaWiki on a Debian Etch box, but instead of serving it using the common choice of Apache I wanted to use lighttpd. It seems the combination MediaWiki and Apache is well supported on Debian. There was even an install-time question whether I wanted the configuration files …

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Debian: pbuilder tip

I’m writing this mostly so that I’ll remember myself If pbuilder –create fails when building a base image for Sid then it’s worth trying to build a base image for the stable release and then upgrade to Sid afterwards. The very manual way is pbuild –login –save-after-login.