Epilicious moved to darcs

I’ve switched from bzr to darcs for all my version management needs. I’ve decided to also move my already existing projects to darcs. First out is epilicious. From now on the following should be used to get the release and development branches respectively: % darcs get http://therning.org/magnus_darcs/epilicious % darcs get http://therning.org/magnus_darcs/epilicious.dev I decided not to …

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Bzr and Apache

I had some problems hosting bzr on therning.org. I gave up on getting the development version to push via FTP and settled for missoring using lftp instead. However, branching from the published mirror failed. I got the following from bar (version 0.6.2): % bzr branch http://therning.org/magnus_bzr/epilicious bzr: ERROR: HTTP Error 406: Not Acceptable command: ‘/home/magnus/bin/bzr’ …

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