Kid’s play with HTML in Haskell

In my ever-continuing attempts to replace Python by Haskell as my language of first choice I’ve finally managed to dip a toe in the XML/HTML sea. I decided to use the Haskell XML Toolkit (HXT) even though it’s not packaged for Debian (something I might look into doing one day). HXT depends on tagsoup which …

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Back to listening to pauldotcom

I just began listening to episode 95 of pauldotcom and was glad to hear that they enjoyed my email. Here’s the complete email I sent them: Well, something must have changed since I last communicated with you (see I’m not sure what though. I heard you when you were on the Linux Reality audio …

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Podcasts I no longer listen to

The security catalyst—in the end it was simply too vague and a bit too “managerial” to suit me. PaulDotCom Security Weekly—spending 90 minutes a week listening to 3-4 friends (not mine) drinking beers, talking about security-related news snippets you’ve already read and sometimes making wildly inaccurate claims regarding the security of MacOSX/Windows/Linux. Thanks but no …

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OGG podcasts, no OGG feeds

I just received my new Samsung portable music player. The main reason for choosing Samsung was that it plays OGG. After going through the podcasts I listen to I have two that I want to shame. I won’t name the podcasts that don’t do OGG—I can’t really blame them because the demand for it is …

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Using GStreamer to turn VBR to CBR

I’ve been listening to a few episodes of LugRadio and I’ve found them very enjoying so far. What I haven’t enjoyed so much though is my silly MP3 player. The episodes are recorded in variable bit rate (VBR) and my player is utterly pants with handling that–I can’t rely on the timer, I can’t see …

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