Configuring audio for my Arch desktop

I probably started in the wrong end, by installing a few GStreamer packages: gstreamer0.10-bad-plugins gstreamer0.10-ugly-plugins gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg It was first after that that I actually configured sound As always the Arch Wiki contains all the information needed, and more. There’s a page for configuring Alsa. All I did was install alsa-utils, make sure my user was …

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Odds and ends for my Arch desktop

After the previous setup steps I found the next task was to add a few odds and ends really were needed before proceeding to other major things, like audio, email, and such. Several of the things I needed are available from AUR so to make things easier I started by adding archlinuxfr to my /etc/pacman.conf: …

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Arch and Haskell, on little snag

Dear lazyweb (Arch users and especially DonS ), I just used yaourt to update my system and it noticed that haskell-time was available in a new version. After answering a few questions I was greeted with this message: ghc-pkg: unregistering time- would break the following packages: hslogger-1.0.7 MissingH-1.1.0 ConfigFile-1.0.4 convertible-1.0.1 HDBC-2.1.0 HDBC-sqlite3- HSH-1.2.6 (use –force …

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Setting up my network services on Arch

After having set up X (not sure I really can call just installing it “setting up” though ) and Gnome, which of course included installing and configuring Xmonad, I went on to configure some network-related stuff. At home I use mDNS to make it easy to connect to the computers we have at home. I …

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Arch, Gnome, and shutdown/reboot

I’ll soon continue documenting my experience with installing and configuring my desktop, but first a note on fixing an irritating issue in Gnome 2.26. Soon after installing Gnome I noticed that I couldn’t reboot or shutdown from inside my Gnome session, I had to log out and use GDM’s action menu instead. Rather irritating, but …

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