Xmonad and Gnome 3

The upgrade to Gnome3 in ArchLinux a few days ago broke my previous setup that combined xmonad with Gnome. Gnome 3 has a fallback mode, but I found that the instructions for replacing metacity under Gnome 2 no longer worked. With some help from the xmonad mailing list (in particular Jens Petersen and his efforts …

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Maintaining Haskell packages for a Linux distribution—cblrepo

Maintaining a large set of Haskell packages for a Linux distribution is quite a chore. Especially if one wants to track Hackage as far as possible. Several distributions have tools to automatically convert Cabal-based packages into distribution packages, e.g. cabal2arch for ArchLinux and cabal-rpm. They are just conversion tools though, and the most time-consuming activity …

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On maintaining Haskell packages for a Linux distro

When trying to maintain set of binary packages of Haskell libraries for a Linux distribution there are a few issues that come up: The set of packages must be compilable at all times, and Updating one package requires all packages that depend on it, in one or more steps, to be re-compiled. The first requires …

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Struggling with “the Arch way”

So, I’m struggling somewhat with the move to Arch. Not that Arch is problematic in any way, it seems to be me and my “debianised thinking”. I noticed that the Vim plugins that were packaged for Arch all install in system directories and hence are imposed on all users. Not a good thing. So, inspired …

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