Playing with sockets in Haskell

This is another one of those posts that I make mostly for myself, you know for organising and help my memory There are as far as I can see three ways to deal with sockets in Haskell. There’s the type Socket which is used throughout Network.Socket. From that it’s possible to get to the underlying …

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Dents for 2009-10-23

How any serious project ever can choose git for version control is beyond me! # @shapr It’s available for pre-order already (£499), it should be available end of Oct I think. # C++ is getting crazier and crazier: # Powered by modified Twitter Tools.


Epilicious is dead, say hello to BMS

With Python being dropped as a language for extensions in epiphany 2.28 I needed to replace epilicious. I tried writing it in JavaScript (seed was integrated in 2.28), but I gave up due to hitting too many hurdles on the way. Instead I decided to rewrite epilicious using Vala and a minimal layer of C. …

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