Reply to Randal on dynamic type systems

At first this I wrote this as a comment on my original post, but it grew a bit too long so I decided to post it like this instead. @Randal, “Static typing is still effectively a syntax check, not a semantic check though.” Now, I think we might have a different understanding of the word …

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Struggling with “the Arch way”

So, I’m struggling somewhat with the move to Arch. Not that Arch is problematic in any way, it seems to be me and my “debianised thinking”. I noticed that the Vim plugins that were packaged for Arch all install in system directories and hence are imposed on all users. Not a good thing. So, inspired …

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Randal Schwartz on why dynamic beat static—a rather rubbish talk

Well, not the most diplomatic title maybe, but listening to Randal Schwartz’ talk “Dynamic Returns” first made me laugh and then made my fingers itch to write him an email addressing the fallacies he is peddling. Anyway, I wrote this large, rather ranting, blog post but then decided to not publish iti. Randal, my suggestion …

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Configuring audio for my Arch desktop

I probably started in the wrong end, by installing a few GStreamer packages: gstreamer0.10-bad-plugins gstreamer0.10-ugly-plugins gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg It was first after that that I actually configured sound As always the Arch Wiki contains all the information needed, and more. There’s a page for configuring Alsa. All I did was install alsa-utils, make sure my user was …

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Odds and ends for my Arch desktop

After the previous setup steps I found the next task was to add a few odds and ends really were needed before proceeding to other major things, like audio, email, and such. Several of the things I needed are available from AUR so to make things easier I started by adding archlinuxfr to my /etc/pacman.conf: …

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Arch and Haskell, on little snag

Dear lazyweb (Arch users and especially DonS ), I just used yaourt to update my system and it noticed that haskell-time was available in a new version. After answering a few questions I was greeted with this message: ghc-pkg: unregistering time- would break the following packages: hslogger-1.0.7 MissingH-1.1.0 ConfigFile-1.0.4 convertible-1.0.1 HDBC-2.1.0 HDBC-sqlite3- HSH-1.2.6 (use –force …

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Setting up my network services on Arch

After having set up X (not sure I really can call just installing it “setting up” though ) and Gnome, which of course included installing and configuring Xmonad, I went on to configure some network-related stuff. At home I use mDNS to make it easy to connect to the computers we have at home. I …

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Arch, Gnome, and shutdown/reboot

I’ll soon continue documenting my experience with installing and configuring my desktop, but first a note on fixing an irritating issue in Gnome 2.26. Soon after installing Gnome I noticed that I couldn’t reboot or shutdown from inside my Gnome session, I had to log out and use GDM’s action menu instead. Rather irritating, but …

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