More on the move to Arch Linux

After installing a basic Arch system and adding it still isn’t very usable. My desktop of choice is Gnome, so that’s what I installed next, with a few extra packages to make it prettier and more useful. I found out the hard way a few weeks ago that if you install gnome without gnome-extras …

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dataenc released

Yesterday I released a new version of dataenc. It’s available on Hackage of course. Summary of (visible) changes: implementation of a bunch of new encodings: xxencode quoted-printable python escaping url encoding squashing of a bug in the yEncoding implementation that only manifested on 32-bit systems an attempt to conform to the guidelines for the Haskell …

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My thoughts on debianisation of haskell packages

I have written a few posts on debianising haskell packages in the past. Back then I stopped looking at it because of the age of the ghc-related packages in Debian Sid. Things have since improved and I’ve finally found some time to revisit the problem. This isn’t however a technical post, but rather a post …

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VirtualBox with Linux 2.6.29

After a recent upgrade which brought in kernel 2.6.29 VirtualBox stopped working for me; the kernel module failed to find the symbol g_SUPGlobalInfoPage. How irritating! Here’s a solution I found: Modify /usr/share/virtualbox/src/vboxdrv/Makefile, uncomment the line # VBOX_USE_INSERT_PAGE = 1 Recompile the kernel modules: # /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup Now I only have to find a solution for …

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