Experience with cabal-debian

So, after receiving several pointers to seereason’s cabal-debian tool I thought I’d take it for a spin.i After about 30 minutes of browsing through HackageDB and seereason’s source repos, building and installing, I had finally satisfied all dependencies and the build of cabal-debian succeeded. (Oh, BTW, seereason people, it’s really confusing that you have a …

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Building Debian packages of (cabalised) Haskell packages

I’ve just spent the last hour or so ironing out the details required to automate the building of cabalised Haskell packages for Debian. At the same time I also built Debian packages for 5 Haskell packages (test-framework and its dependencies). These are the basic steps I’ve followed: Extract the tar-ball in the working directory. Rename …

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Series of posts on testing Haskell code

I’ve been using both QuickCheck and HUnit to make sure that the functions in dataenc both have the expected properties and follow the specifications. This morning I stumbled on a series of posts by Matthew Podwysocki on Functional Programming Unit Testing (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part). I think I really could …

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Useful thing when adopting test-framework after already using HUnit

I found test-framework today. In adopting it with my already existing unit tests I found this function to be rather useful: import Test.HUnit import qualified Test.Framework.Providers.API as TFAPI   unitTest2TFTest :: Test -> [TFAPI.Test] unitTest2TFTest t = let unitTest2TFTest’ desc (TestCase a) = [testCase desc a] unitTest2TFTest’ desc (TestLabel s t) = unitTest2TFTest’ (desc ++ …

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This morning on Swedish telly…

Today I started the day by watching some Swedish telly, Gomorron Sverige I think the show was called. Three guests got to comment on the news year that just passed. They were asked for their nominations in categories such as Most Over-Reported News Story, Most Important Public Figure and the like. One of them nominated …

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