Rubber and lhs?

Another dear lazyweb post. Yesterday night I hacked up a silly little tool for use at work. Nothing spectaculari but I thought I’d try this Literate Haskell thing. I decided to go the LaTeX route and created a .lhs file. To my amazement rubber has a module for handling Literate Haskell, unfortunately it passes everything …

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Debian, lighttpd and MediaWiki

I just went through the exercise of setting up MediaWiki on a Debian Etch box, but instead of serving it using the common choice of Apache I wanted to use lighttpd. It seems the combination MediaWiki and Apache is well supported on Debian. There was even an install-time question whether I wanted the configuration files …

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Debian: pbuilder tip

I’m writing this mostly so that I’ll remember myself If pbuilder –create fails when building a base image for Sid then it’s worth trying to build a base image for the stable release and then upgrade to Sid afterwards. The very manual way is pbuild –login –save-after-login.


Packages for omnicodec and dataenc

As promised I’ve now created Debian packages for omnicodec. Since dataenc is a pre-requisite for building from source there are packages for it as well. I’ve uploaded the source to Debian Mentors here and here. As usual pre-built binaries are available from my own APT repo.