Kid’s play with HTML in Haskell

In my ever-continuing attempts to replace Python by Haskell as my language of first choice I’ve finally managed to dip a toe in the XML/HTML sea. I decided to use the Haskell XML Toolkit (HXT) even though it’s not packaged for Debian (something I might look into doing one day). HXT depends on tagsoup which …

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Saddle, two SDDL related tools

I’ve just uploaded two small tools that makes it a little easier to deal with SDDL (Security Descriptor Description Language, this is a good resource for SDDL): saddle-ex – “extract” the security descriptor for a number of different kinds of objects saddle-pp – a pretty printer for an SDDL string Full build instructions are included. …

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Omnicodec released

Four days ago I uploaded omnicodec to Hackage. It’s a collection of two simple command-line utilities for encoding and decoding data built on the dataenc package. I’m planning on building a Debian package for it as soon as I find the time.