Firefox vulnerability, not on Debian?

I received a note about the new Firefox vulnerability yesterday. I ran the proof-of-concept on my Debian machine, using first Epiphany and then Iceweasel. Didn’t work on either. Then I fired up a VMWare image running Windows, with a stock Firefox from mozilla. The proof-of-concept worked just as advertised. So, are the reports missing something …

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Controlling moguls…

I wonder how difficult it’d be to find out if I am, through some levels of indirection, a stockholder in any MPAA/RIAA/BPI company. Then at least there’d be a chance to exert some control over the madness that’s going on in the board rooms of those companies.


Epilicious 0.10

I just released version 0.10 of epilicious. Go fetch it from GnomeFiles. I decided to toss out all the translations from earlier versions (this is purely a reaction to my own inability to deal properly with contributed translations). So, please, download the POT and localise epilicious!