What’s bad about Ubuntu

The only really bad thing with Ubuntu is that they release every 6 months. This means that every 6 months the web is flodded with articles about installing Ubuntu; articles about what’s good, articles about what’s bad, articles about how to fix what’s bad and thereby showing that Ubuntu still is good, articles about upgrading, …

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Why freedom matters to end users

I’m not a Debian Developer, so the recent Firefox/Icedove debacle hasn’t caught my attention that much. Basically I trust Debian to do the right thing. It seems in this case they are, again, doing the right thing. GNOME’s Dave Neary says it’s ill-advised of Mozilla to care more about practicality and usability than freedom. He’s …

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YAHT: Computation class (note to self)

Computation wraps a result of a function in a type. augment strips the type, applies a function to the result. The function must wrap the end result in the type again. combine “joins” two results together. Making [] and instance of Computation illustrates it the best. Maybe and Failable are a bit “funny” because the …

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What’s wrong with the English when it comes to bathrooms?

Now, what’s wrong with the following: A hand-held shower in a bath tub. No shower curtain. Partial tiling around the bath tub, exposing dry wall at about 1 metres height. Thick, lush carpet on the floor. Everything is wrong! If you don’t see that every one of those things, taken in isolation, is wrong then …

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