OGG podcasts, no OGG feeds

I just received my new Samsung portable music player. The main reason for choosing Samsung was that it plays OGG. After going through the podcasts I listen to I have two that I want to shame. I won’t name the podcasts that don’t do OGG—I can’t really blame them because the demand for it is …

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Django is cute

I’ve been playing around a bit more with django, and writing simple web services in it. I have to say it’s cute! Building on my simple authentication middleware I added a second decorator that extract argument out of the URL and passes them to the function as regular arguments: def extract_arguments(required, optional): def _wrapper(func): def …

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Some stuff (01/09/2006)

What exactly will banning violent porn actually achieve? My bet is, not much! Won’t this make killers into victims? Another good reason to not have ID cards. Like we needed any more. I am not surprised that tobacco companies are lying, scheming bastards. Just like companies in the computer business tailer their products to the …

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