Interesting stuff

Am I the only one who finds this absolutely terrifying? If you haven’t seen DCLugi’s Snakes On A Plane auditions on YouTube you need to! Bruce Schneier reported on this a while ago, I need to keep the link around. What to do when your neighbour is using your internet. Our “honourable” EU politicians are …

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Having fun with C++’s auto_ptr

Sometimes RAII is difficult. The following code compiles without errors or warnings on Windows using Visual Studio 2005: #include <iostream> #include <memory> namespace Test { class Foo { public: bool should_do_stuff() { return false; } }; class Bar { public: Bar(std::auto_ptr<Foo> fp) : _fp(fp) {} void do_stuff() { if(_fp->should_do_stuff()) std::cout << “Do stuff” << std::endl; …

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Misguided politicians…

Now, why are politicians repeating what the unrivaled masters of FUD say? I thought our elected politicians were supposed to look out for our best interest, not suck up to foreign multi-nationals who have been found to indulge in nti-competitive behaviour. It seems Microsoft is having problems getting the next version of their flagsship product …

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Tagging in mutt? Yes, please!

madduck, I’ve also been missing tagging and virtual folders. Mairix I see as a search tool, not something I’d like to use to force virtual folders onto mutt. I did use Gnus for a while, years ago, but nowadays it’s a no-no for me—I saw the light and switched from Emacs to Vim.


My new music player is going back :(

Unfortunately I’m forced to send back my brand new Samsung YP-U2. I love the little bugger to bits! It does exactly what I want out of a portable music player. The problem is that it doesn’t always show up as a USB device. I’ve tested it on three different computers, running two different OSs, in …

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