Airport security getting crazy!

Now gel bras aren’t allowed. What’s next? Will women have to remove breast implants? I guess we’ll end up flying naked if this continues. I have to admit I wouldn’t mind working in airport security if this continues. “Raise your arms Ma’am, I have to examine your breasts!” I think we can safely say that …

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Homecall (Pipex) and call charges on premium numbers

I really should have posted about this months and months ago! I unlocked my phone a while back. My phone call lasted 5:35 minutes so I was expecting to be charged less than £8.20, since the charge for the premium number is £1.50 per minute. However, I was charged about £14! Several calls to Homecall’s …

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Flying as we know it is gone…

Well, at least it seems it is. I’m wondering when they will release all the information to the public so that we can see if Aigarius’ rant comes true. Apparently Heathrow is being sued by one company. From a business perspective it makes sense to pass on the bill. As a private person I don’t …

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Finally some success with building GNOME

After taking some advice I got on #epiphany I’ve finally managed to get both epiphany and epiphany-extensions out of CVS to compile. In this case jhbuild buildone was my friend. I installed gnome-devel and python-gnome2-desktop-dev and set to work. I used jhbuild to build glib and gtk+ (setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH in between). Then I tackled epiphany …

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Compiling GNOME 2.15.90 (failed attempt)

I started trying to compile GNOME 2.15.4, but as you can read from the comments things didn’t quite work out. After a few emails on the gnome-love mailing list I switched to release 2.15.90. freetype2 I quickly ran into problems with freetype2. It seems Sid’s version is too new. I added a new moduleset to …

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