Epilicious currently not working on Debian Sid

I just noticed that epilicious doesn’t work for me It seems the recent work done by the Python group in Debian Sid has resulted in the following line throwing an exception: from elementtree.ElementTree import parse Yes, I’ve double checked that python-elementtree is installed (python-celementtree is also installed). At the moment I’m too lazy to look …

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Stuff worth reading (21/06/2006)

Some interesting articles on Net Neutrality by David Ernst and Andy Kessler. I’m slowly starting to lean towards letting the market sort this out without government intervention. The idea of labelling is especially appealing. That something’s wrong in Microsoft is rather obvious given the amazing delay in releasing Vista/Longhorn (whatever it’s called this week). After …

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Recent thoughts on patents

Eric Flynn’s first column on copyright got me thinking. It’s a really good piece on copyright, but especially one thing jumped out and stuck in my mind: Copyright is a privilege, not a right. I believe basically a similar line of reasoning can be applied to patents. Monopolies are evil. Patents are government-sanctioned monopolies. Hence, …

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The GNOME fun never ends ;-)

After an attempt at hacking “window packing” into Jendela I ran into a bit of a showstopper: Metacity doesn’t support _NET_MOVERESIZE_WINDOW. Now this is a bit of a problem, because “window packing” is all about moving windows around on the screen. Confusingly Metacity does register the relevant XAtom, meaning that wmctrl doesn’t work (it’ll first …

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Jendela BZR repo is up

My local development repo is being uploaded to http://therning.org/magnus_bzr/jendela.dev/ as I write this. There isn’t much functionality yet–you can shade windows–but hopefully I’ll have time to change that over the next few days.