Using GStreamer to turn VBR to CBR

I’ve been listening to a few episodes of LugRadio and I’ve found them very enjoying so far. What I haven’t enjoyed so much though is my silly MP3 player. The episodes are recorded in variable bit rate (VBR) and my player is utterly pants with handling that–I can’t rely on the timer, I can’t see …

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VMWare server to the rescue

I complained earlier about VMWare Player not allowing me to replace my Windows boxen at work. It seems VMWare took my complaints seriously (yeah right), by releasing VMWare Server they’ve made my dream possible. I have to admit that their releasing VMWare Server is surprising, and since it allows creation of new images it makes …

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South East Asia tour, 2006 – part 1

Since we returned from our trip to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Jakarta on Thursday last week it’s high time I get around to writing something about it. Don’t you think? I’ve split it into three parts, one for Hong Kong (including this introduction), one for the brief stop in Singapore, and the last part covers …

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