Ubuntu Dapper in qemu (or rather no Ubuntu Dapper in qemu)

I received an email saying that epilicious didn’t work very well in epiphany 1.9.x. Since Debian isn’t packaging pre-releases of GNOME 2.14 I decided to try to get Ubuntu Dapper installed in a qemu image. I tried using the age-tested method of installing a stable version first (Breezy), and then upgrading to the unstable, not-yet-released …

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UN recommends use of open source

The United Nations has recommended its members use open source software, particularly in areas related to health, education and international commerce, UN inspector Dominique Ouredrago said during a speech at the II international open source conference in Spain. http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/2006/02/20/1389065.htm Now this is good, right? Well, I’m not sure it’s good enough. I’m not convinced the …

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A wireless home

The broadband connection came with a ADSL modem/router. Two problems with it, it could only handle one connected device, and it wasn’t a wireless router. A trip to PCWorld later we now have a ADSL modem/wireless router with four physical ports. Dita picked up a wireless card and is enjoying it as I’m writing this. …

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Getting Mutt-NG and gpg-agent to play nice

The last time I tried getting gpg-agent to work I gave up. That was on Ubuntu, and I only spent about 5 minutes on it. This time around I spent 10 minutes on it, and it’s working like a charm. After installing gnupg-agent and pinentry-gtk2 I fired up the following line to ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf use-agent I …

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Epilicious ready to be localised

The current version in BZR, that’d be version 0.8pre1, has internationalisation support. Currently there’s only one language, Swedish, but I’m looking forward to receiving onther languages to add to the list. (I’m more than happy to receive any pointers regarding the language in epilicious, be it English, Swedish, or any other language.) The actual implementation …

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