Cleaning up in ~/.ssh/known_hosts

I just noticed that Debian’s ssh does the right thing and uses hashes rather than IP addresses in ~/.ssh/known_hosts. So, how do you keep the list of known hosts minimal if you can’t delete entries manually any longer? ssh-keygen has two commandline options that help % ssh-keygen -F <hostname> % ssh-keygen -R <hostname> The first …

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CherryPy sessions

I almost started pulling my hair over this. The part of the CherryPy book on sessions said that the following code would turn on sessions in CherryPy 2.1: cherrypy.config.update({‘session_filter.on’ : True}) However trying to access session data after that resulted in a “500 Internal Error” page telling me that sessions weren’t enabled. Huh? Luckliy I …

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Linux and explaining the Swedish(-speaking) people

I found the following in Linux Journal. It can be found on this page, I’ve copied it verbatim since I couldn’t find a link that leads straight to the interesting part! Might Be Just Right by Doc Searls At LinuxWorld in Boston earlier this year, I got together with an old Swedish friend. She’s a …

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