Christmas eve started out rather busy. Cleaning, some last-minute shopping, that sort of thing. Once the evening arrived and we sat down to eat it really did feel like Christmas. Surrounded by good friends, enjoying good food, and excellent wine. The day ended with exchanging gifts. Christmas day was equally hectic on the food front. …

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The first couple of days in Holland

It’s great being here. Dita and I are both enjoying it immensely. We’re experiencing all the Dutch quirkiness without being irritated by it. How about this for the first 2 days? Wreckless driving on the motorway. Of course I honked and made rude gestures when passing the clueless driver. Strange pricing strategy. For some reason …

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Bzr and Apache

I had some problems hosting bzr on therning.org. I gave up on getting the development version to push via FTP and settled for missoring using lftp instead. However, branching from the published mirror failed. I got the following from bar (version 0.6.2): % bzr branch http://therning.org/magnus_bzr/epilicious bzr: ERROR: HTTP Error 406: Not Acceptable command: ‘/home/magnus/bin/bzr’ …

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