Please let the EU constitution die

I’ve long suspected that the EU politicians inhabit a different world than the rest of us. My suspicions have been confirmed during the last week. How they can expect to be taken seriously when they clearly aren’t taking the European voters seriously is beyond me. Believe me, I understand that they all had a lot …

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WordPress and Scandinavian characters

I had some problems producing proper Swedish characters in WordPress for a little while. This only happened when using Mozex and Vim to edit posts. The solution was quite simple I use UTF-8 encoding throughout my entire Ubuntu GNU/Linux system, every application defaults to it. Except Firefox, it seems. Making sure that the Character Encoding …

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Using Vim to put text into text areas in Firefox (Mozilla)

I simply can’t stand editing text in the text areas using the editor in Firefox (Mozilla). Apparently there is still no edit externally command in Mozilla yet. Luckily there’s Mozex, but don’t try installing that version, use this instead (the original won’t install anymore). The original site is still useful though, since it holds a …

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