Mike Myers quote

Technically speaking this probably doesn’t qualify as a quote. I heard this on one of the extras on the Cat in The Hat DVD: What is the difference between capitalism and communism? In capitalism men exploits men. In communism it’s quite the opposite.


Personal modifications of GTK2 themes

Ever since I tried out a NeXT-based theme I’ve loved having both an up- and down-stepper at the bottom of every scrollbar. I’ve liked this so much that I’ve regularly discarded GTK2 themes that look awesome simply because they didn’t have this little usability feature. The other day I took a quick look at the …

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As useful as a chocolate teapot…

A colleague was complaining about the usefulness of a piece of software and compared it to the usefulness of a chocolate teapot. Being sad IT people we immediatedly started discussing whether a chocolate teapot is as useless as the saying goes. Google saved us from debating into the night with this article. I guess we …

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EU, 48-hour working week, fun, fun, fun in UK

After living the last five years in Holland, where EU hardly ever is questioned, I find it great to be back in a country where most peopleseem to have a healthy level of scepticism to what happens in Brussels. The latest thing here in the UK is the attempt to remove the opt-out scheme John …

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