Shelltestrunner to the rescue

A little while ago shelltestrunner was announced on haskell-cafe. At the time I was slowly losing hope on ever getting decent test coverage in cblrepo using HUnit. Using something like shelltestrunner could be an easier and more workable solution, especially since what cblrepo needed most in the short term is a bit of integration testing. …

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Compiling U-Boot for use in QEMU (VersatilePB)

Since I’m now working a bit with embedded systems I thought I’d take a look at compiling for one of the ARM-based machines that QEMU supports. I settled for VersatilePB after finding this old-ish article. Rather optimistically I thought that maybe, just maybe things had change in a year and that the limitation of flash …

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-11

Underbart i #gp idag: Filmer och böcker skall ha ordentliga slut. Annars har någon inte gjort sitt jobb. # När "alternativ medicin" har bevisats fungera, så kan vi helt enkelt kallat den "medicin". #svtdebatt # När en typ av "alternativ medicin" har bevisats fungera, så kan vi helt enkelt kalla den "medicin". #debatt # Google+ …

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