Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-03-14

  • To all companies that demand I enter CV into a crappy web UI: I've already entered by CV into a PDF, why isn't it good enough? #
  • #
  • Maybe, just maybe the Swedes are about to start realising what it is Reinfeldt has been busy with: #
  • The hotel network allows me to catch up on work emails tonight… not sure what was up yesterday. #
  • I'm really enjoying the course I'm on :) #
  • The hotel wifi is very unreliable, and whenever it goes down it takes about an hour to come back up properly. #
  • Hmm, this was unexpected, after upgrade to #ghc 7 all my UIs based on #cmdargs are broken. #
  • Just fixed the UI by switching to the pure API of #cmdargs working nicely with only minor changes. #haskell #
  • Finally I have added the first step towards autogeneration of #archlinux source packages. It's looking good so far. #
  • MS vs. Java: #

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