Dent Weekly Updates for 2010-10-10

  • New version of #gnome has hit #archlinux it seems, 170MiB worth of downloads. #
  • #
  • ? @johnnieingram: Magnificent Guardian piece by @doctorow Response to earlier allegations from @helienne. #
  • What agreat way to start the day, almost 2 hours of #yoga starting at 06:30 :-) #
  • Who's suing who: #
  • I think we need an institution that can evaluate people's humour, to make sure they don't get in trouble over tweets: #
  • That is until we can inject all people with authority with some ability to act reasonably in such cases. #
  • ? @jgoerzen: "Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us, and now we are discovering we work for Fox" #
  • Done with the office move, now I just need my desk raised a few cm. #
  • It looks like Google is having problems today, and .com are unreachable, .se worked :-) #
  • Well, actually, Google is only unreachable in #chromium #
  • I'm currently running cabal2arch on all packages on #hackage just to get some numbers for #haskell on #arch #
  • Ouch, #darcs seems to have frozen half-way through a record consisting of about 6.000 additions. #

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